We’re Sille and Josefine. Two regular moms with an insatiable love for children’s vintage items. When we couldn’t fit more of it into our kids’ closets, we decided to share our finds with other parents who are looking for a unique and sustainable vintage piece for their little ones. Our universe is a quirky mix of those beautiful vintage embroidered dresses and temporary fashion items like a pair of coloured Crocs. The sizes usually range from 0-6 years-old and all items are carefully selected and curated. We make a virtue of finding colourful and playful unisex pieces, that can be passed on to family and friends and make the clothes live even longer!

Our selection is carefully inspected to ensure it lives up to a high quality standard and won’t have stains or holes that show significantly. When you buy our clothes, it will be in the condition we bought it in meaning we don’t wash, iron, or dry-clean the clothes, because we aim at keeping our CO2-footprint at a minimum.

We hope you have fun browsing through our collection and maybe find your next preloved piece - we know we had fun finding it in the first place! Please stay in touch, give your feedback, or just say hi at info@barnekammer.dk